The Coolest Cafes in Kobe, Japan

Among Kansai’s various major cities, Kobe is widely known as the most cosmopolitan and fashionable city in the region. With cafes highlighting Japanese life, it can seem impossible to keep track of the latest and greatest around town. Bookmark this page for the easiest way to find the coolest cafes in Kobe.

The Coolest Cafes in Kobe, Japan

Patisserie Tooth Tooth

This old shop is popular with expats and serves an impressive range of desserts as well as coffee, tea and other hot drinks. Located in the port of Kobe, the Patisserie Tooth is housed in a former US Consulate building that has been registered as one of Japan’s Important Cultural Heritages. It is famous for its western-style desserts that can be enjoyed with espresso or cappuccino. Japanese cakes are also served including delicious uji matcha tart.

Mother Moon

Mother Moon | The Coolest Cafes in Kobe, Japan

You can find a lot of cafes in Kobe with outdoor seating these days, but Mother Moon was one of the first to do so and remains a popular choice for coffee drinkers. like diners. during the summer months. You can find this cafe and restaurant in the basement of the International House. A selection of teas and coffees as well as some delicious dining options such as lobster cream pasta are also available.

Estnation coffee shop

Estnation is something of a hidden gem loved by quirky cafe enthusiasts. A bit harder to find than the shops on the street as it is on the 4th floor of the Estnation store. But it’s worth the walk. The cafe is like a flower shop and you can choose between outdoor seating among a bunch of beautiful plants or a cozy indoor setting with walls decorated with floral artwork. Coffee includes a wide range of drinks from espresso and white coffee with organic milk options. Breads and desserts are also available.

Triton Cafe

Triton Cafe
The Coolest Cafes in Kobe, Japan

There are many cute cafes in Kobe, but Triton Café may be the most beautiful. The flat gray walls and verdant trees instantly make it an annual hangout. While the interior alone is worth a visit, the chefs at Triton make sure customers are satisfied. The menu changes frequently, but they cook up meals like grilled Kyushu black pork with raspberry sauce, creamy pasta with sautéed mushrooms, and Keema curry. At each meal, there is a choice of rice or bread and it would be a crime to skip the bread. Triton serves freshly baked bread, one of the best in Kobe.

Modernark Pharm Cafe

It can be overstated how difficult it is for vegetarians and vegans in Japan. Despite the prominence of Buddhism, the concept of no meat is still relatively new. Ask for no meat and possibly flake fish in the food and shredded bacon in the salad. Modernark is a health-conscious vegetarian cafe known for its delicious food. They have a lunch special platter that comes with freshly made daily specials. They also have delicious bean burrito with cheese, beans, butter and sour cream. Don’t forget to pick up some of their freshly baked dishes to enjoy as you roam around Kobe.

Sima Sima

Many cafes in Kobe tend to only serve curry or pasta, but Sima Sima serves beautifully crafted Japanese set lunches with a menu that changes daily. The best way to find out what’s cooking is to visit their Instagram, where they post pictures of the day’s menu. They’re open from 11am, but get there early as lunch plates are sold out most days. In addition to lunch, there are several pastries to choose from as well as some healthy drink options like fig smoothies or creamy black sesame milk.

Cafe Zoe

Recently, Zoe is one of the coolest cafes in Kobe. It has been on the rise, appearing on Kansai’s popular Instagram account as well as appearing on the cover of Savvy Magazine. The first dish that caught their attention was a simple coffee jelly with a scoop of salty vanilla ice cream on top. Besides the famous dessert, this colorful little cafe also serves great coffee as well as curries and sandwiches.


Nishimura | The Coolest Cafes in Kobe, Japan

This is a chain of coffee shops with branches in the Kitano, Sannomiya and Motomachi districts of Kobe. The coffee is a bit more expensive than other places (about 850 yen for a cup instead of the usual 500 yen) but the managers will say it’s worth it due to the old school cafe atmosphere. Very vintage decor makes Nishimura cafe look like something of days gone by. Food is available, including breakfast, and the cafe serves gluten-free options.

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