The Best Things To Do and See in Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad, also known as Amdavad, is a significant city in Gujarat and one of the most important cities in western India. It’s a fascinating metropolis with a rich Mughal history, a city where the old meets contemporary infrastructure to create a great economic powerhouse. Ahmedabad has a lot to offer, from fascinating buildings to superb museums, delicious restaurants, and exciting night markets. Here are the best things to do and see in Ahmedabad.

The Best Things To Do and See in Ahmedabad

Feel The Silence at Sabarmati Ashram

The Best Things To Do and See in Ahmedabad | Feel The Silence at Sabarmati Ashram

A visit to the Sabarmati Ashram is one of the most popular and well-known things to do in Ahmedabad. Gandhiji’s simple residence is now a museum, the Gandhi Smarak Sangrahalaya, which has kept a detailed, comprehensive chronicle of his life and teachings. You can even organise a walking tour here by requesting the secretary of Gandhi Ashram Preservation and Memorial Trust for permission to make your visit more pleasant and enlightening.

Have Fun at the Kankaria Lakefront

One of the enjoyable things to do in Ahmedabad is to visit the sights near Kankaria Lake. The lakefront offers a wide range of enjoyable activities, with the lake’s meandering waves providing a beautiful backdrop. The Kankaria Zoo, which houses rare and indigenous animals, is the most popular attraction here.

As you learn about the wonders of our natural world, tigers and lions, giant constrictors, elephants, and a variety of primate species will keep you engaged and captivated. The lakefront is a great spot for kids to play. It contains a number of amusement park rides as well as the Kids City, which is a miniature city with a theatre, heritage center, science lab, prison, and, of course, an ice cream factory.

Appreciate the Beauty of Vintage Cars at the Auto World Vintage Car Museum

Appreciate the Beauty of Vintage Cars at the Auto World Vintage Car Museum

Don’t we all adore vintage automobiles? Sleek, elegant, and sophisticated designs that marked the golden age of automotive aesthetics are now extremely unusual to see on the road. Visit the Auto World Vintage Car Museum to see a collection of these well-kept classics from around the world.

Rolls Royce, Mercedes, Cadillac, Packard, Lincoln, Maybach, and Lancia are just a few of the main brands represented in this open-air museum. Many of these wheeled relics belonged to historical people and members of Indian royal families from the past. Do you want to take a ride in one of these classic automobiles? You can get behind the wheel and take a short trip down memory lane for an additional charge.

Admire the Old-World Charm of Jama Masjid

Ahmed Shah erected Jama Masjid, one of India’s most stunning mosques, in 1423. The mosque’s components came from ruined Hindu and Jain temples, and the beautiful design shows signs of fusion, such as the lotus-like sculptures on some of the 15 domes (supported by a total of 300 pillars). A mausoleum stands next to the mosque, housing the graves of Sultan Ahmed Shah, his son, and his grandson. The greatest time to visit the mosque is in the evenings, when one may feel a sense of serenity and oneness in the vast courtyard, take a walk, and take in the magnificent architecture.

Take a Stroll through the Bhadra Fort

Take a Stroll through the Bhadra Fort | The Best Things To Do and See in Ahmedabad
The Best Things To Do and See in Ahmedabad

The walled city, which is next to the Jama Masjid and is encompassed by the Bhadra Fort, was established several centuries ago, in 1411. A trip through these streets will present you to Ahmedabad’s rustic charm – a historically significant portion of the city. The Bhadra Fort is best visited in the late afternoons and evenings, and there are numerous historical landmarks in the area. Today, the Bhadra Fort Gate spans a busy road, and the Teen Darwaza is another well-known gateway that serves as a symbol for the city.

The city’s officials have taken considerable effort to repair the medieval ramparts and fortifications in a historically accurate manner. If you enjoy taking photographs, the vibrant hues of a typical Indian marketplace can serve as your inspiration. A visit to Bhadra Fort is a must-do on any vacation to Ahmedabad.

Shop at the Law Garden’s Night Market

Looking for a break from all the sightseeing and museum visits? Going shopping is the best option. What better location to explore your inner shopaholic than Ahmedabad’s Law Garden, a public garden and night market?

If you want to take a piece of Gujarat with you, it’s also a great spot to look for real Gujarati clothing and handicrafts. Taking a stroll through the garden and shopping from a diverse selection of things is a lovely experience in and of itself. The fact that you may haggle your heart out while purchasing here adds to the enjoyment of the experience.

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