The Best Places For Book Lovers in Chennai, India

Few cities in India can compare to Chennai in terms of literary culture and reading traditions. Apart from being the birthplace of some of India’s most illustrious literary figures, Chennai’s colorful environment has also served as an important breeding ground for the country’s contemporary literary movement. The city’s multiple libraries, literary cafes, and booksellers, which have provided a haven for book lovers and fostered a love of reading among children, are an important element of this history. If you enjoy reading, there are the best places for book lovers in Chennai that you should visit.

The Best Places For Book Lovers in Chennai, India

Connemara Public Library

The Best Places For Book Lovers in Chennai, India | Connemara Public Library

The Connemara Public Library, one of Chennai’s oldest libraries, is a treasure trove of knowledge unlike any other. Apart from its extensive collection of ancient books, historically significant works, and other publications, the library’s most cherished feature is its colonial atmosphere. It is one of only four libraries in the country designated as a National Depository, receiving a copy of all Indian newspapers, magazines, gazettes, and periodicals. It is located inside the Government Museum in Egmore.

Writer’s Cafe

Writer’s Cafe | The Best Places For Book Lovers in Chennai, India

This building is intended and developed for book lovers and authors, as the name implies. It is located on Peters Road in Royapettah and offers two joys. It allows ravenous readers to leave the outside world and troubles at its doorstep and immerse themselves in a world of stories and fantasies picked and maintained by the owner himself, with an entire level dedicated to shelves of fiction and non-fiction books, comics, and periodicals.

Along with this, the proprietor runs a Swiss Bakery below, which is run by the most friendliest and diverse group of individuals – many of the employees are acid attack survivors, disabled, or from socially disadvantaged families. Simply get a cup of Irish coffee, select a book from the extensive collection, and relax in the corner for as long as you like.


Higginbotham’s on Mount Road in Chennai, which opened in 1844, holds the distinction of being the country’s oldest existing bookstore. Since colonial times, this shop has been a favorite among book enthusiasts in the city, and it was frequented by famous authorities and notable figures of the period.

It was the official bookstore for the Prince of Wales, HRH Edward VII, British Prime Minister Clement Attlee, and Governor of Madras, Lord Charles Trevelyan. Higginbotham’s eventually grew into a bookstore chain with locations all throughout South India.

Anna Centenary Library

Anna Centenary Library

One of the largest public libraries in South Asia, this new state-of-the-art library in Chennai’s Kotturpuram. There are almost 1.7 million books, magazines, newspapers, and other media in the library. The huge facility is a bookworm’s dream, with a huge collection of literary and academic titles, as well as enough seats for hundreds of visitors at once. A big indoor amphitheater, an open amphitheatre, and a big braille section are all part of the library complex.


Odyssey, which began in the 2000s, quickly grabbed the hearts of Chennai residents. It specializes in books and has three floors dedicated to different sorts of books in its Adyar and Thiruvanmyiur branches. It sells a variety of things from stationery and perfumes to gift goods. Odyssey has something for everyone, with genres ranging from fiction to satire to romance. Your book browsing will be a lot of fun because to the luxury decor and friendly employees.

The Moore Market Complex

A vibrant second-hand book market is essential to any city’s literary culture, and Chennai is no exception. Inside the Moore Market shopping complex, the city’s largest second-hand book market is located, with hundreds of book stalls selling everything from romance and regional pulp fiction to scholarly and literary volumes. The market was initially constructed in the late 1800s to house the city’s hawkers on Broadway.

Asia Book Point

Asia Book Point, on CP Ramasamy Road, is like an underground bookstore, with the fragrance of new paper and books luring you in. Fiction, nonfiction, academic, travel, tourist, science fiction, finance and accounting, and graphic novels are all available in this store. Planet Hulk, Extremis, and Superman: New Krypton are among the Marvel and DC comics available (2009).

Tara Books

Tara Books

Tara Books, in Thiruvanmyiur, is one of the best places for book lovers in Chennai you should not miss. They attempt to incorporate fascinating thoughts, odd designs, and photos throughout their work, in addition to publishing and making their own cards and flop books. Their catalog is dominated by children’s books, but they also have some great art and design books. This bookstore, which sells English, Tamil, and German books, is one of the few that seeks to include Indian culture and the work of Indian artisans into the manufacture of these publications.

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