The 6 Best Things To Do In Osaka In Winter

The second largest metropolis in Japan after Tokyo, Osaka serves as the region’s capital. It is one of the most well-liked tourist locations in Japan and draws tourists from all over the world. Osaka is one of the three cities in Japan that every traveler must-see, along with Tokyo and Kyoto. Innumerable Things To Do In Osaka In Winter, such as mouthwatering regional cuisine, hip retail areas, vibrant neighborhoods lit by neon signs, contemporary skyscrapers, the biggest amusement park in the world, and more. Two more appealing features that give the city a special personality unlike any other are its distinctive culture and welcoming residents. Let’s explore the list of the Top 6 Things To Do In Osaka In Winter.

Top 6 Things To Do In Osaka In Winter

1. Try the Osaka Local Foods

Unquestionably, Osaka’s biggest draw is its local cuisine. Nationwide favorites include Ikayaki (squid pancake), Takoyaki (octopus balls), Okonomiyaki (savory Japanese pancakes), and Kushi Katsu (deep-fried skewered meat and vegetables). There are several food vendors in Osaka’s neighborhood streets that sell local cuisine at reasonable costs. You might never have enough time in Osaka to sample all the delectable local cuisine!

Osaka is one of the best cities in Japan, the most wonderful Things To Do In Osaka In Winter is to experience high-end dining, despite being best known for its inexpensive and neighborhood-friendly regional dishes. Osaka is home to some of Japan’s best restaurants, including upscale sushi joints and Michelin-starred eateries.

Things To Do In Osaka In Winter

Participating in a cooking class taught by local instructors is a fantastic opportunity to learn more about the beautiful food culture of Osaka. Japanese cooking classes have become one of the most popular Things To Do In Osaka In Winter in recent years since they allow visitors to interact with locals while also experiencing the country’s traditional cuisine culture. At the conclusion of the lesson, you can also take the recipes home to prepare meals for your friends and family.

Today, Osaka offers a variety of cooking classes, including traditional Sushi making, popular Ramen making, and original home-cooking delicacies like Udon noodles and Gyoza dumplings, creating distinctive character Bento boxes.

2. Visit Osaka Castle Park

One of Japan’s most impressive Things To Do In Osaka In Winter, Osaka Castle is a representation of Osaka. A significant historical landmark, Osaka Castle exemplifies the glorious history of the Azuchi-Momoyama period in the sixteenth century. One of Japan’s most well-known unifying warlords, Hideyoshi Toyotomi, gave the order to build the castle in 1583. The castle is a well-liked tourist destination, especially during the cherry blossom season, and it is situated within Osaka Castle Park.

Things To Do In Osaka In Winter

Feel the air as you cycle around Osaka Castle! The “Osaka Bike Tour to the Neighborhoods around Osaka Castle” is a special method to tour the Osaka neighborhood and is ideal for fit/active tourists. Of course, the trip also includes a snack of “Takoyaki,” the tastiest street cuisine in Osaka.

3. Come to the Shinsekai district

One of Osaka’s most distinctive and appealing Things To Do In Osaka In Winter, Shinsekai, is where you may experience the true spirit of the city’s past. Since it is an older downtown, the nostalgic, post-war vibe is still very much there. Shinsekai is one of the most popular photo locations in Osaka thanks to the colorful and vintage storefronts that line its streets. Tsutenkaku Tower, the emblem of Shinsekai, was built in 1912 and is a wonderful site to enjoy the magnificent view of this picturesque neighborhood and Osaka City from its observation deck. It is modeled after the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

4. Metasequoia Namik snow flowers in winter

Approximately 500 metasequoia trees, whose look changes with the seasons, are positioned along the 2.4 km (about 1.5 mi) section of road in Takashima City, Shiga Prefecture, that connects Makino Pic-Land and Makino Highland.

Things To Do In Osaka In Winter

Along this road, you can see beautiful seasonal views throughout the year, including autumnal leaves and summer foliage. The trees here start to look like ephemeral snow flowers that only blossom in winter throughout the winter when snow builds up on the limbs.

Many consider this road to be a haven for lovers, and just being there can make you feel like the hero of an epic movie. However, this magnificence can only be felt during the depths of winter when snowfall is more frequent. If you take a bus from Makino Station on the JR Line, you can get to the road in about ten minutes.

5. Sennan Long Park

Things To Do In Osaka In Winter

Sennan Long Park (also known as Sennan Rinku Park), an urban park in Osaka, debuted in 2020 close to Kansai International Airport. Sennan Marble Beach and Tarui Southern Beach, two of Japan’s top 100 places to watch the sunset, border it. Four sectors make up the tropical beach park: the Activity Area for sports, the Community Area for BBQs and restaurants, the Marché Area for locally caught seafood, and the Glamping Area for lodging in opulent villas. If you utilize Osaka’s busiest airport, it is strongly advised that you go there to take in a natural beauty even though you are in the city.

6. Lake Yogo

Lake Yogo, a stunning lake surrounded by lush mountains with broad-leaved trees like beech and Mongolian oak to the east, south, and west, is located in the northernmost point of Shiga Prefecture. On calm days, the mysterious lake that gave rise to the myth of the celestial maidens brilliantly mirrors the surroundings. This lake is well-known among tourists as the Mirror Lake and even Japan’s Uyuni Salt Flats because the mirror-like view is alluring enough to lure in any viewer.

Things To Do In Osaka In Winter

Waterfowl flock to the lake in the winter, transforming the area into a beautiful wonderland of silver colors. Visitors can also attempt smelt-fishing, an activity that is only offered during the winter, which is a straightforward pastime that even complete beginners can enjoy. Yogo Station on the JR Hokuriku Main Line is a short walk from Lake Yogo.


Let’s follow our Osaka Bucket List if you’re planning your first trip there and want to know what the best Things To Do In Osaka In Winter are, see, and experience there. The list contains 6 of the best Things To Do In Osaka In Winter, from well-known tourist destinations to cutting-edge locations that can help you plan the ideal trip there!

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