The 10 Best Mexican Restaurants In Katy Worth Trying

Here The 10 Best Mexican Restaurants In Katy Worth Trying, Texas, according to readers, are listed below, along with as much salsa and chips as you can eat. Continue to learn more:

The 10 Best Mexican Restaurants In Katy Worth Trying

1. ABUELO’S Mexican Restaurants In Katy

mexican restaurants in katy

Abuelo’s, one of the newcomers, had a big job to do to separate out from the crowd of Tex Mex options in Katy, and they succeeded in the shape of some excellent appetizer choices. After a few pieces of beef tenderloin flameado, seared tuna, shrimp ceviche, and of course, Queso Diablo, you won’t remember the entrée. Save space for their mouthwatering main courses, such as the Durango burrito (shown), the faijita chimichanga, and the firecracker shrimp tacos.

2. UNCLE JULIO’S restaurant

Delicious combo dishes and a dessert to die for every customer. Uncle Julio’s is the ideal combination of tried-and-true, well-loved recipes plus a little glitz and glamour. Since you can have a customized, enormous chocolate piñata dessert that serves the entire table, why would you ever do cake and candles again? It comes with whipped cream, raspberry, chocolate, and caramel dipping sauces, as well as small churros and fresh fruit within.

3. EL ASADOR Mexican Restaurant

Mexican Restaurants In Katy

Be known for its unique margarita specials and fajitas. El Asador, which just underwent renovations and is now better than ever, offers a wide selection of Tex-Mex classics like a variety of fajitas and combo platters, as well as several Mex-Mex delicacies. They offer 21 lunch specials with generous portions for $10.99 or less, and Monday through Wednesday, specialty margaritas are half off all day. Try one of their unusual margaritas, like one with pineapple or a spicy cucumber, if you’re a connoisseur. Yum!

4. LUPE TORTILLA- The Best Mexican Restaurants In Katy

Because the name of the restaurant includes the word “tortilla,” you know that they must provide you with hot, fresh tortillas to encase your fajita meat. They also do. They provide both conventional Tex-Mex cuisine and a wide variety of seafood dishes, such as lobster tacos and pepper shrimp wrapped in bacon. Nearly as much as the kids do, parents adore the sizable patio outside and the sandbox.

5. LOS CUCOS Restaurant

Mexican Restaurants In Katy

You can’t go wrong ordering a platter of fajitas to share with friends or keeping an avocado filled all to yourself, whether you visit the Katy Mills location or reserve a table at the long-standing establishment on Highway Boulevard in the historic district of Katy. Grilled platters, classic dishes, seafood and chicken dishes, and more may be found on their extensive menu. For for $9.99, you can get a combination platter of make-your-own enchiladas.

6. EL JARRITO Mexican Restaurant

Their tableside guacamole service, chile relleno, fajitas, and chicken specialties have made them a 20-year Katy favorite. Additionally, there are tales that their charro beans are totally compulsive. At El Jarrito, all meals—breakfast, lunch, and dinner—are freshly prepared from scratch. There is a considerable selection on their extensive menu, and the portions are generous.

7. CHUY’S Restaurant

Mexican Restaurants In Katy

Chuy’s has colorful decorations hanging from every surface of the building and servers with loads of flare, but don’t let that take your attention away from the richness of the dish. Watch out for their infamously enormous burritos, which they advertise as being “Big As Yo Face.” A perennial favorite is the Chuychanga, along with their baja tacos, which must be topped with Chuy’s exclusive handmade sauces, including mild tomatillo, creamy jalapeño, and hatch green chile sauce.

8. El Rancho restaurant

Reader feedback indicates that El Rancho consistently provides great customer service and is eager to make substitutions. They provide delectable menu options like sizzling fajitas, carne asada, chicken platters, and all the usual basic Tex-Mex that keep Katyites coming back. The taco salad and the stuffed avocado, in the opinion of regulars, are two meals you must try.

9. Alicia’s Mexican Restaurant

Come for their renowned queso fundido (melted white Mexican cheese laden with meat or vegetables), but linger for another mouthwatering traditional fare like the well-known crab or lobster enchiladas or hand-rolled homemade tamales. You may still choose from a wide variety of steak, seafood, salad, and, of course, 10 different fajita platters if that doesn’t interest you.

10. Jimmy Changa is the last Mexican Restaurants In Katy

The Carne guisada and Big Daddy Chimi are two of the mouthwatering selections on the menu, but the pleasure of this place is found in the welcoming setting for families. Little monkeys can run amok on a big covered playground and even treat themselves to a free soft serve, freeing up mom and dad to unwind and enjoy their lunch. Tostada salad with shrimp and mango is shown.


This article is not included all of the Mexican Restaurants In Katy, however, based on what we experienced and other reviewers, we do believe that this is the 10 Best Mexican Restaurants In Katy. Thank you for reading and see you later!

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