The 3 Best Student Travel Insurance Companies of 2023

Your 12-month stay abroad will be covered by student travel insurance, giving you one less thing to worry about as you navigate strange cultures, new languages, and time away from home and loved ones. It’s advisable to make sure that some things are taken care of before you depart because you will have a completely new set of obligations.

Travel insurance for students provides coverage for unanticipated circumstances that could turn a fun trip away from home into a major drama. Everything should be covered, including the loss or theft of a bank card or your ID as well as stolen or damaged property. Additionally, if you want to live in a residence hall, you might want your new apartment to be insured in the event of a fire, flood, or other disaster.

Additionally, you should confirm that you have coverage for any medical emergencies and repatriation in the event of a catastrophic illness or accident. Since being a student doesn’t come with a salary, extra expenses for things that could have been paid for inexpensively before your vacation are out of the question. Keep your attention on your study and don’t worry about unplanned events. In this article, will explore student travel insurance.

Who is Student Travel Insurance For?

Who is Student Travel Insurance For?
Who is Student Travel Insurance For?

Student health insurance is vital for protecting international students during their exciting educational experiences. Private insurance companies often offer international student insurance plans that are more cost-effective compared to those provided by universities.

Student health insurance plans provide extensive coverage for international students studying in the United States and for students participating in study abroad programs worldwide. Typically, students have two options when it comes to insurance: university-sponsored health plans or plans offered by private insurance providers.

Opting for an international student insurance plan from a private provider is often more affordable than university-provided plans in the United States, while still offering similar coverage. Moreover, if you choose a plan from a private provider, your college or university may require proof of coverage during enrollment to deduct the health insurance premium from your tuition fees.

Student Travel Insurance Benefits

Student Travel Insurance Benefits
Student Travel Insurance Benefits

When it comes to student insurance plans, there are various options available, each offering different levels of coverage. Factors such as your location of study, the nature of your activities, and your overall health play a crucial role in determining the most suitable plan for you.

It’s important to consider your specific needs and assess the additional benefits provided by each plan. Some insurance plans offer optional add-ons, known as riders, which can be customized and added to the main policy. These riders provide extra coverage for specific circumstances, allowing you to tailor the plan to better suit your individual requirements.

Some of the benefits include:

  • Medical coverage
  • COVID-19 coverage
  • Emergency services
  • Prescription coverage
  • Maternity care coverage
  • Pre-existing condition coverage after waiting period
  • Mental Health Disorders
  • Sports & Activities
  • Optional Adventure Sports Rider

The 3 Best Student Travel Insurance Companies of 2023

The 3 Best Student Travel Insurance Companies of 2023
The 3 Best Student Travel Insurance Companies of 2023

Seven Corners

  • Coronavirus (COVID-19) coverage: Yes (included under illness cancellation coverage)
  • CFAR coverage: Add-on available
  • AM Best rating: Not rated

Students who live in the United States and overseas can choose from a variety of reasonable choices from Seven Corners, a travel insurance company. The Basic and Choice RoundTrip policies, which offer safeguards for trip cancellation and interruption, unexpected medical costs, unplanned evacuation and repatriation, and lost or stolen baggage, will be the most helpful to students who are U.S. citizens.

You should carefully study the policy details and get in touch with Seven Corners if you have any queries because the coverage offered by the RoundTrip plan might be subject to specific limits and exclusions. However, Seven Corners provides a fantastic policy selection for students with reasonable rates and extensive plan contents.

  • Inclusive policies for student travelers
  • May cover preexisting conditions
  • Offers medical insurance for travel to the U.S.
  • Compared to some competitors, hurricane and bad weather coverage has a lengthier delay period.
  • Security and political evacuation coverage are excluded from the Choice Plan.

Travelex Travel Insurance

  • COVID-19 coverage: Yes (included under illness cancellation coverage)
  • CFAR coverage: Add-on
  • AM Best rating: A++

If you’re a student looking for travel insurance, cost might be your top priority. Due to its inexpensive prices, Travelex is our top recommendation for student travel insurance. It offers two types of policies, Travel Select and Travel Basic, with coverage starting at under $30 for the majority of low-cost travel. Travel Basic policies offer bare-bones coverage but might give budget-conscious students peace of mind.

Each plan also comes with access to the business’s round-the-clock assistance services, a toll-free number you may call for assistance with a range of travel-related problems like medical crises and misplaced passports. Be aware that to cover a trip lasting more than 30 days (such as a semester abroad), you will need to purchase the more expensive Travel Select.


  • Low-cost coverage
  • Includes free 24/7 travel assistance services
  • Extends $200 in frequent traveler benefits for cancellations
  • Lower-than-average coverage limits
  • Must obtain more expensive coverage for journeys lasting over 30 days.


  • COVID-19 coverage: Yes
  • CFAR coverage: Add-on
  • AM Best rating: A+

In comparison to other carriers, AXA’s travel insurance products are thorough and offer higher-than-average coverage levels. AXA offers three different plan options, with the Platinum Plan being the most comprehensive and perfect for adventure travelers. It covers cancellations of rounds of golf, ski days, and even up to $1,000 worth of sports equipment rentals.

The plans offered by AXA are generally very inclusive and provide a variety of benefits. However, the cost is higher than that of the competition, which may be a major factor for students.

  • High coverage limits
  • Increases protection against losses arising from recreational activity
  • All plans cover airplane accidents
  • Higher-than-average premium costs
  • CFAR upgrade must be purchased within two weeks of making your initial trip payment.
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