Shopping Places In Kolkata

Kolkata has a plethora of lively bazaars and retail malls to choose from for those looking for souvenirs. With this list of the best shopping places in Kolkata to buy unique and memorable mementos, regardless of your budget, we’ve made your job easier.

Shopping Places In Kolkata

Dakshinapan Shopping Centre

The Dakshinapan Shopping Centre is arguably one of the city’s top souvenir shopping destinations, bringing handicrafts and artisanal goods from all across the country into one single structure. The things here range from jewelry and fabrics to furniture and décor, and they are priced to fit a wide range of budgets.

New Market

New Market | Shopping Places In Kolkata

The New Market is one of Kolkata’s most well-known and oldest markets. It includes around 2,000 shopping stalls selling a wide range of goods. If you’re looking for a saree for a loved one, this is the place to go. You’ll discover a wide choice of options here, including the famous Jamdani, Tant, Tasar Silk, and, of course, sarees from all around India. Don’t miss the handcrafted jewelry and handbags if you’re there in the evening. To get a better deal, you must sharpen your bargaining skills. If you’re running low on calories, New Market is a great place to go for a gastronomic adventure.

Oxford Bookstore

College Street is one of Asia’s major markets for used books. Calcutta University and Presidency College are two of the most prestigious educational institutions in the city. This is one of the best sites to visit if you enjoy reading. There is no other market where you can find so many bookstores in one location. The market’s best feature is the discount, so don’t be afraid to set your own price.

Bara Bazaar

This is Kolkata’s most well-known market, famed for its diversity and excitement. Bara Bazaar, like Delhi’s Chandni Chowk, is an excellent spot to get good deals. Imagine anything, whether it’s spices, cosmetics, electronics, toys, jewelry, or one-of-a-kind items; you’ll find it all here at a wholesale price. You must exercise caution in terms of originality and price point. Don’t skip out on the street food.

Gariahat Market

Gariahat Market is a pleasant place for apparel shopping, with a large range of makeshift boutiques bordering the walkways of Rash Behari Avenue. While this market has a wide variety of things, from books to shoes, the saree shops are particularly interesting.

Chowringhee Road

Chowringhee Road
Shopping Places In Kolkata

A stroll around Chowringhee Road’s bustling streetside booths is the greatest way to find unique items in Kolkata while also gaining a sense of the city’s vibrant vitality. The sheer variety of locally made things on exhibit in these businesses, from unique local clay pieces to brass décor pieces, is sure to delight.

Quest Mall

The Quest Mall is one of Kolkata’s major shopping malls, with a wide choice of branded and local heritage collections. It is conveniently positioned in the city’s most bustling area. The modernist architecture and well-managed parking, as well as cafes, entertainment, and restaurants, make it a great family hangout in the city. If you are brand conscious and dislike crowds, Quest Mall is the place to go to get the products you want. Avoid weekends if possible, as locals flock to the market to spend their leisure time.

Shree Ram Arcade

Shree Ram Arcade is a great spot to get your souvenir shopping done without much effort, with over 270 businesses selling products ranging from clothing and jewelry to electronics. The building complex is well-kept and easy to navigate, providing a nice respite from the city’s bustling bazaars.

Hatibagan Market

Hatibagan Market

If you enjoy cotton, you must visit Hatibagan Market to see the variety on show. This is where you’ll find the best selection of patterned cotton sarees in all price ranges. This market was once recognized for a wide variety of feathered species and feathered merchandise. Despite a fire that destroyed the Hatibagan, it has reclaimed its glory and is now one of Kolkata’s busiest cotton saree markets.


Sunshine is the place to go if you’re looking for unusual clothing and textiles at a reasonable price. This shop is known for its handwoven bags and enticing silverware. Sunshine’s USP is its personal touch, as it is managed by two brothers known for their expertise and good manners. You can get the best products at very low prices here, but you must be willing to haggle a little.

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