Must-Try Sushi Restaurants in Osaka

Osaka is one of the most visited cities by foodies from all over the world in Japan. They look for good-looking Japanese restaurants, and Osaka offers plenty of opportunities to enjoy Japan’s most popular dish: Sushi. There are many Sushi restaurants in Osaka from the usual conveyor belt restaurants to the classy Sushi bars. Here are the must-try sushi restaurants in Osaka.

Must-Try Sushi Restaurants in Osaka

Sushi Monji (Kitashinchi)

Must-Try Sushi Restaurants in Osaka | Sushi Monji (Kitashinchi)

A sushi restaurant where you can enjoy exquisite sushi dishes made with fresh seasonal seafood. The master chef puts diners’ satisfaction first, so every piece of sushi is carefully crafted, striking the perfect balance between fresh seafood and shari (seasoned rice). In addition to nigirizushi (hand-made sushi), try futomaki sushi (thick rolled sushi) that is delicious with a colorful appearance. The generous filling of luxurious ingredients such as eggs, eel, herring roe and shrimp makes it a winning dish. Sushi Monji also offers new age cuisine and meat dishes so that diners can enjoy a variety of flavors.

Sushi-Cho HARU (Osaka Tenmangu)

Sushi-Cho HARU (Osaka Tenmangu)
Must-Try Sushi Restaurants in Osaka

At Sushi-Cho Haru, you can enjoy a variety of seasonal sushi and exquisitely selected sake at a leisurely pace. When selecting ingredients, the master chef ensures the freshest and most in-season seafood of the day. Sushi is simply seasoned with salt, so the umami (Japanese saltiness) of the toppings and the sweetness of the rice are outstanding. Diners will surely be mesmerized by the taste. The super small bowls of rice are a popular dish that will make you crave even more. Another favorite is anago nigiri (eel sushi). Anago is purchased from a popular store in the Osaka-Sakai area and baked until tender.

Edomae Sushi Shionigiri Matsugen (Sakai)

In a corner of Sakai Ward is this classic sushi restaurant. As soon as you walk in, you’ll be welcomed into the relaxing Japanese atmosphere. From your counter seating, you’ll see the sushi toppings being prepared while still being very fresh. The signature dish, [Omakase Nigiri Course], is an Edo-style plate of sushi and nigirizushi. Sushi has been seasoned with kombu (kelp) and salt, so you can eat it whole without dipping it in soy sauce to enjoy the original flavor of the ingredients. Try their temari sushi with ochazuke (round sushi on green tea broth), and you’ll be satisfied.

Kura Sushi Namba Motomachi

Kura Sushi Namba Motomachi | Must-Try Sushi Restaurants in Osaka

From the very beginning, you should know that Kura Sushi is a chain of restaurants. But this popular sushi spot is loved by locals and is a big draw not only in the world of raw fish and rice delicacies but also the conveyor belt sushi phenomenon. Customers sit next to a conveyor belt carrying plates of sushi (and dessert!) and simply choose what they want as they pass. This is a common type of restaurant in Japan, but at Kura Sushi, you can exchange your empty plate for a chance to win a lottery right at your table, turning into a dining experience and prizes. Immerse yourself in a space.

Sushi Saeki

The Michelin-starred Saeki Restaurant is one of the must-try sushi restaurants in Osaka. It is considered by many to be the number one sushi restaurant in Osaka. The restaurant boasts a classy and sophisticated atmosphere, with only 10 seats at the counter, where customers can watch their sushi being made and head chef Saeki can explain the menu, its origins. it. it. components and their available disc selection. The true value of Saeki can be determined by the perfect balance between rice and toppings. The rice has great softness and creates a pleasant harmony with the fresh seasonal seafood.

Honto Sushi Kaiba

The fashion district of Kitahorie is a fascinating area. After touring all the independent shops, galleries, and piano bars on the street, make a stop at Honto Sushi Kaiba. This cozy sushi restaurant is adamant about using the freshest seafood in their sushi and sashimi, as the taste and smooth texture of the fish is imperative to the quality of the dish. For those who don’t like sushi or raw fish, Sushi Kaiba also serves cooked dishes like grilled fish and tempura. The exterior of the establishment is decorated to resemble a mix between a traditional Japanese restaurant and a modern cafe, an aesthetic that extends to the interior.

Sushi-Dokoro Kurosugi (Kitashinchi)

Going to a place without a menu can be intimidating, but at this upscale restaurant, you’ll feel welcomed by the friendly staff and relaxed atmosphere. The fresh seafood they use is sent directly from many parts of the country and is safe, chemical-free. Try their [12 Piece Nigiri], which you can enjoy with the restaurant’s recommended toppings. Shari has a refreshing taste, as it is nicely seasoned not with sugar but with akazu (red vinegar made from fermented sake) and salt. They have a large selection of sake and wine, the following is a selection by a certified bartender.

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