Famous Parks and Gardens in Kolkata, India

If you’re searching for a quick break from the city, Kolkata has abundance of well-kept picturesque parks and green spaces. Here’s a list of the famous parks and gardens in Kolkata.

Famous Parks and Gardens in Kolkata, India


Famous Parks and Gardens in Kolkata, India | Maidan

This immense green expanse, Kolkata’s largest urban park, is filled with historical landmarks such as the landmark Shaheed Minar, as well as numerous sporting grounds, including Eden Gardens, the world’s second-biggest cricket venue. In the past, the Maidan grounds have also hosted several historic political rallies and meetings, most notably during India’s independence struggle against colonial Britain. Today, it is one of the most important and popular recreational and cultural spaces in the city.

Millenium Park

Millenium Park | Famous Parks and Gardens in Kolkata, India

This renowned park, which runs alongside to the Hooghly River for about 2.5 kilometers, offers a spectacular view of the Howrah Bridge. This much-needed meditation space is a major hit among Kolkatans of all ages, with plenty of trees, well-kept grass, and seating by the water. Children’s play areas and rides are also available at the park.

New Town Eco Park

In New Town, Kolkata, this lush green park covers 480 acres and is surrounded by a major water body. Eco Park has surely earned its reputation as one of Kolkata’s premier leisure destinations, offering a variety of sports activities such as rowing and kayaking. The park is also one of Kolkata’s newest, having opened only in 2012. The park is divided into sub-areas, including a “Active Zone” with restaurants and food courts, as well as separate zones for various sports and ecotourism.

Agri Horticultural Garden

Alipore’s Agri Horticultural Garden is one of the city’s most popular tourist attractions. A greenhouse, a research laboratory, and even a library are all part of the horticultural garden. It also has a large collection of botanical plants. It also holds a number of botanical research and gardening seminars and workshops. It has a wonderful collection of trees and flowering plants and spans 21 acres of land. It also has a rose garden and an orchid garden.

Indian Botanical Garden

Indian Botanical Garden
Famous Parks and Gardens in Kolkata, India

Kolkata’s botanical gardens are one of India’s oldest and largest botanical gardens. In the year 1787, this garden was established. It includes a wide range of trees, including a banyan tree that is over 100 feet tall. Almost every form of vegetation from around the world can be found here. This site is a paradise for nature enthusiasts, with a low entry cost. There is also a library with a large collection of botanical books at the garden. It covers an area of approximately 109 hectares.

Eco Tourism Park

This is one of Kolkata’s newest parks, located in Rajarhat. It was built to preserve the ecosystem and is surrounded by a variety of trees. It has a total size of 480 acres. It even includes a small island with a charming restaurant. There’s even an urban museum, a craft showroom, and a variety of food options. Eco Park also has a children’s play area and a variety of activities for all ages.

Mohor Kunja

This park on Cathedral Road near the historic Victoria Memorial, formerly known as Citizen’s Park, is a popular venue for open-air cultural events in the city. Its beautiful melodic fountains and well-kept greenery have made it one among Central Kolkata’s most popular places to visit if you want to get away from the city and relax.

Central Park

Kolkata’s Central Park, the city’s second-largest open area after the Maidan, is created around a big lake near Bidhannagar. This park is one of Kolkata’s most popular, with sprawling green lawns, abundant flora and animals, and unbroken open skies. Various gardens, including a magnificent rose garden and a lively butterfly garden, are among the park’s principal attractions.

Safari Park

Safari Park | Famous Parks and Gardens in Kolkata, India

The safari park is a tiny but well-kept park. There is even a lake in the park, which is very popular with schoolchildren; kindergarteners and their instructors can frequently be seen here. In the vicinity of Safari Park, there are two parks where pupils are taught cricket on a regular basis.

Energy Education Park

The Energy Education Park, a project of the West Bengal Renewable Energy Development Agency (WBREDA), is a one-of-a-kind attraction that draws thousands of students and tourists each year. The park’s primary goal was to raise public awareness about the use of renewable technologies and resources to address the energy crisis. This park, which spans 1.5 acres, was built for a pittance of Rs. 85 lacs.

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