Best Street Food Spots In Ahmedabad That You Must Try

Ahmedabad is one of India’s most populous cities and the country’s first UNESCO World Heritage Site. The city is known for its nice inhabitants and welcoming welcome. The locals like dining, and there are various restaurants and roadside food stands to choose from. Ahmedabad’s street cuisine is a gastronomic delight, and the local Gujarati Thali is well-known among visitors. Snacks, desserts, and street meals are other must-trys when visiting this lovely city. So, we listed the best street food spots in Ahmedabad here.

Best Street Food Spots In Ahmedabad

Law Garden

Best Street Food Spots In Ahmedabad | Law Garden

It is located in the center of Ahmedabad and is a popular shopping and dining destination. The place is packed with people, and the major attraction of the place is the street food, which comes in a wide range of cuisines. Crispy Vadas, hot dhoklas, pav bhaji, and other snacks can be found here. It’s one of Ahmedabad’s top street food spots.

Baghdad Fry Center

Gujarati cuisine focuses primarily on vegetarian foods that incorporate a variety of spices to give them a distinct flavor. The majority of Gujarati street cuisine is vegetarian, but non-vegetarians will not be disappointed by the street food in Ahmedabad, since Baghdad fry centers specialize in tasty and delectable non-vegetarian food such as mutton chaaps and keema chops. Baghdad Fry Center is one of the most amazing venues for foodies, and it will definitely satisfy your appetite. Try the street food in Ahmedabad.

Bhatiyar Gali

It is one of the best street food spots in Ahmedabad that serves non-vegetarian cuisine. The restaurants in this area serve 600-year-old traditional Ahmedabad specialties that are one-of-a-kind in every way. This restaurant’s extensive menu makes it ideal for non-vegetarians looking to sample delectable delicacies such as Chicken Angaar, kebabs, and chaap fry, among others.

Food Truck Park

Food Truck Park

The food truck park is located in the city’s core. The restaurant offers a high-priced menu as well as a pleasant environment. The setting is ideal for a pleasant evening with friends and family. The menu includes everything from crunchy snacks to delectable sweets. Food trucks have given street food in Ahmedabad a new lease on life, and they are now a prominent aspect of the city.

Municipal Market

Shri Bajrang chole kulche from the municipal market is a must-try if you want to get a true taste of Punjab. The spicy choles with delectable kulchas, pickles, green chilies, and chutney are sure to win hearts and leave you wanting more. If you want to have a taste of Amritsari, here is the place to go. Not only that, but there are also a number of different food vendors serving delectable snacks and entrees.

HL College Road

This is another area brimming with food carts and little food stands serving delectable snacks and soft drinks. Delicious vegetable cheese tadka Maggi and masala Maggi, one of the area’s favorite fast snacks, are available here. Paneer tikkas and Manchurian, for example, are among the numerous other quick foods and snacks available.

InduBen Khakhra

Khakra is one of Ahmedabad’s unique meals, and it’s great for breakfast or with evening tea. It’s a light, crispy snack that can be purchased in a variety of places. It is extremely popular among Gujaratis and is a must-try meal for anyone visiting Ahmedabad. In Ahmedabad, the crunchy and crispy khakhra is one of the most popular street food delicacies. InduBen khakhrawala, which serves more than 50 varieties of tasty and crisp khakhras, is the place to go in Ahmedabad for the best khakhra.

Das Khaman House

Das Khaman House

The most popular Gujarati snack is the khaman. In Ahmedabad, this juicy snack is quite popular and can be found on every street corner. This snack is especially well-liked by tourists due to its excellent flavor. It’s a nutritious snack with a specific position in Gujarati cooking. Das Khaman House, which serves wonderful Khaman with Sev, Green Chilis, and coriander leaves, is the greatest location to eat Khaman in Ahmedabad.

Asharfi Kulfi

For the people of Gujarat, kulfi is the most popular dessert. Kulfi is a type of stick ice cream that is available in a variety of flavors. A Kulfi from ‘Ashrafi kulfi’ is required for every street food experience in Ahmedabad. One of the best kulfis in the country, according to them. They may surely outperform some of the greatest Kulfi brands due to their distinct taste and variety of flavors.

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