Best Restaurants in Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad, the capital of the Indian state of Gujarat, is a fascinating metropolis steeped in history. For its gorgeous buildings, old district, museums, night markets, and, of course, gastronomy, it is a fascinating place to visit. The best restaurants in Ahmedabad are explored in this list.

Best Restaurants in Ahmedabad


Best Restaurants in Ahmedabad | Agashiye

Agashiye, located on the rooftop of the House of MG, a spectacular Indo-Baroque historic palace dating from the 1920s, serves the best of exquisite cuisine in the heart of the old town. In the classic sense, there is no menu. Instead, dedicated servers bring a sequence of exquisite vegetarian Gujarati meals to the table throughout the dinner, which together make up the Thali. Guests are welcome to eat as much as they wish from their favorite meals and to drink the complimentary non-alcoholic beverages. Agashiye is the place to go for the best contemporary Gujarati experience in a stunning setting.

Swati Snacks

Swati Snacks

One of the best restaurants in Ahmedabad, Swati Snacks performs an excellent job of serving the most authentic and traditional Gujarati cuisine available in town. This restaurant is quite famous among both locals and guests who come to enjoy a top-notch Gujarati gastronomic excursion. The delectable patra, daal bati, handvo, and dhokla are all must-try items on the menu. Those with a sweet tooth should sample the sukhadi sweet and fresh sugarcane juice, both of which are delicious. Swati Snacks’ food is always delectable.


Vishala is an open-air restaurant that offers relaxation, quiet, and healthy food. It accurately reflects traditional Indian village life, both in terms of the design of the restaurant, where guests sit on mud floors, and in the friendly and welcoming manner in which waiters greet their customers. The diet is similarly centered on village staples, with baked and roasted meals, greens, sprouts salads, and other low-fat components.

The Eatery

The Eatery

The Eatery is a multi-cuisine restaurant located in the luxurious Four Points by Sheraton Hotel. It serves a wide range of delectable meals, fast nibbles, and excellent coffee in a relaxed atmosphere. It is, however, most known for its breakfast buffet. The breakfast buffet is enormous, including numerous delectable Continental goodies as well as every Gujarati dish you could want for. Non-vegetarians are also catered to, with an à la carte menu available for those who want to order individual dishes.


Dakshinayan is the place to go in Ahmedabad if you want a true taste of South Indian cuisine. Dakshinayan serves delectable dosas, idlis, pongals, utapas, sambhars, and gulaab jamuns. To top it off, they serve a range of delectable chutneys to go with the main courses. There’s also authentic South Indian filter coffee to round out the meal. The service is quick and efficient, and the atmosphere is relaxed. The cuisine is the star of the show. It is, without a doubt, the best place in the city to sample South Indian cuisine.

Gordhan Thal

Gordhan Thal is a stunning restaurant that specializes in traditional local food and is an excellent place to try the original Gujarati thali. Sit back and relax while you are served a selection of savory and sweet foods. Make sure you go on an empty stomach because these dinners are filling and the cuisine is so delicious that you’ll want to try a little bit of everything. The ambiance and service are also outstanding.

Toran Dining Hall

When it comes to delicious classic Gujarati thali, oran Dining Hall is a household name. The restaurant is clean and inviting, with a lovely garden as a backdrop. Guests receive excellent value for money, with numerous servings of authentic Gujarati cuisine that tastes just like home-cooked meal. The service is quick, and the thali menu is extensive. Toran Dining Hall comes highly recommended for people looking for real regional cuisine and unlimited portions of traditional Gujarati meals.


Rajwadu | Best Restaurants in Ahmedabad

Another restaurant, Rajwadu, aims to mimic the feel of an Indian hamlet. It is based on walled villages with gorgeous stone walls, lush vegetation, open courtyards, water features, and pavilions. The courtyards also serve as a stage for traditional performers. This restaurant is for individuals who seek a rustic dining experience in a nice setting, without having to sit cross-legged on mud floors! The dishes, which are largely from Gujarat and Rajasthan, are absolutely delicious and authentic.

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